Another great addition to our line card is LIGHTGLASS. Products unlike anything else, they’re designed to mimic windows that are beautifully lit with sunlight. They’re installed like windows, but have the internal components of a LED light fixture.

LIGHTGLASS is a Philadelphia-based team of engineers, artists, and scientists on a mission to improve quality of life in the built environment. By studying human physiological and cognitive interactions with architecture, they strive to design architectural solutions that benefit people.

Their architectural LED-powered window system will transform the most sunlight deprived environments into comfortable working and living spaces. There are billions of square feet of windowless space, and although humans discovered the importance of daylight to our health many years ago, most still spend the majority of their time indoors

Their products can utilize automatic time-clock based controls, and be on a schedule to change intensity and colour temperature throughout the day, emulating the sunlight outside.

This makes it a great solution to achieve circadian lighting and contribute to obtaining WELL Building Standard.

Lightglass Lighting brings daylight to the Childrens Hospital of Philidelphia


Their products can be made in any rectangular size up to 4′ x 8′, and are available in various finish colour options (including custom!). The fixtures create top-of-the-line uniform light, with no hot-spots or pixelation. Here’s a variety of the possible applications:



Mount or recess LIGHTGLASS into the ceiling and illuminate any room with the feeling of sunlight. Skyglass applications come with a shroud to create the depth and form factor of a real skylight without needing a hole in the roof.



Transform light-deprived basements or internal rooms into bright and spacious environments by recessing LIGHTGLASS into the top of a wall.




Recess LIGHTGLASS into a wall and it will look and feel like a window. Add muntins to 2×4 LIGHTGLASS for added detail, change color temperature throughout the day, and bring the feelings of energy and well-being into any space.





Play with simulated daylight using our 1×1 blocks of LIGHTGLASS. Create arrays in different shapes and sizes, or singular portals of light.




Let’s take a quick look at the technology behind the line:


Visit their website to browse through some of their existing projects. If you have any questions about LIGHTGLASS, or would like to learn more please reach out to your Flux salesperson anytime!