Flux is thrilled to announce our new manufacturer partnership with Axis Lighting!

Axis Lighting is a Canadian-based and family-owned LED luminaire manufacturer. Founded in 1991, the company’s diverse product lines transcend the ordinary and exceed the norm. The company’s LED luminaires provide solutions for many markets, including office, educational, cultural, and retail.

Axis is known for being forward-thinking and innovative, and always on top of the latest architectural design trends. Our team has been blown away by their product offering and we can’t wait to share it with our specifiers!

We look forward to growing the Axis brand in the Eastern Ontario & Western Quebec markets as we grow our new and exciting partnership.


Check out a few of their key products:



StencilFlex is a simple, cost-effective pendant delivery system for the layers of light and sound attenuation you want, where you want them. StencilFlex incorporates all the benefits of F.L.E.X Technology™, including cost-effective line-voltage lighting solutions at scale and trouble-free energy code compliance. With a variety of inserts and elements that can be placed on StencilFlex, along with the endless configurations you can get creative and design a system that’s perfect for your space.


Slate – Wood Ceiling Series

Introducing Slate, a contemporary styled flat luminaire ideally suited for modern-day environments, including open-plan offices and other architectural spaces. Welcome to an assortment of minimalist, stylish luminaires for suspended wood panel ceiling grids. Offering cost effective architectural lighting, hassle-free installation and easy adjustments with the exclusive Axis Universal Wood-ceiling Bracket.

Universal Wood-ceiling Bracket (UWB)

  • Allows easy installation
  • Capable of end-to-end mounting
  • Controls regressed position using aligner
  • UWB supplied by Axis


Extend – Outdoor Series

Their signature family of Beam luminaires, known for its appealing linear layouts indoors, is now available in a version that can withstand harsh weather conditions: Designed for water-resistant,  outdoor applications, Extend is also suited for wet indoor environments. Built tough to withstand the most severe weather, Extend luminaires are well suited to many outdoor lighting applications as well as certain indoor uses, such as wayfinding in indoor parking areas, subway stations and staircases. Available as a pendant, recessed, surface and wall.

Balanced Care – Healthcare Line


Axis’ Balanced Care BeWell™ performance optics for both visual comfort and functionality, along with features that promote infection control and equipment compatibility. Finally – a product offering that addresses ALL the requirements of today’s complex healthcare environment.​

BalancedCare luminaires support patient wellness without compromise. Performance optics for both visual comfort and functionality. Intelligent controls integrate light into the healing journey. ​ Attributes to satisfy unique concerns such as infection control and equipment compatibility. All in an architectural form that contributes to a positive patient experience.



If you’d like to learn more about Axis or to discover more of their products, you can visit their website here.