In a world with overwhelming selection, how do you choose the downlights/potlights that are best for your space? Is settling with the cheapest option good enough? What difference does it make?

The answer is A LOT. We want YOU to understand the importance, and feel comfortable selecting the downlights that match your needs, instead of whatever is thrown at you.

In this article we’ll explain some key things to consider when selecting your fixtures, and how investing in your downlights can be beneficial to the aesthetic of your project (and save you money!).




Not all lights are created equal, including LEDs. We pride ourselves in representing manufacturers that produce quality LEDs. Quality light means that you need fewer fixtures because they illuminate more surface area.

Delta Light Grid Imax Adjustable Trimless Downlight



That being said, proper spacing of downlights is key to even illumination throughout your space. But how do you know how far to space my downlights? The short answer is there’s no “one-size-fits-all” rule of thumb for spacing downlights. There’s a variety of things to consider such as ceiling height, and how bright you want the space to be. When using a good quality potlight you can space them further apart allowing you to have fewer fixtures, achieve a cleaner look and save money.

Our team can help you figure out the perfect spacing while using the least amount of fixtures. Flux’s technical team can produce lighting calculations that will actually show you how much light you’re getting BEFORE anything is installed!

An example of a lighting calculation plan.


All of the downlights we represent from various manufacturers are LEDs. One of the most significant advantage of LEDs when compared to traditional lighting solutions is the long lifespan. Less frequent replacement = lower maintenance costs in terms of labour. Plus, you (or the end-user) is going to save money in the long run due to LED’s superior energy efficiency.



Cheap LEDs are reknown for being glarey and hard on the eyes. We can help you select downlights that are pleasant to look at. Some downlights don’t have a recessed luminaire so the light just blasts against the lens leaving hot spots at the ceiling. Even a slight regressed luminaire will provide a softer light that is easier on the eye. Reducing glare is proven to have a subliminally beneficial impact on the individual’s in the space.



It’s important to note that a lot of downlights can be adjusted, so consider where it is you want to illuminate. Is it the general area, or are you lighting up a feature wall or artwork? Adjustable downlights will be your go-to for getting light exactly where you need. There are downlights that are specifically made to be “wall-washers”.

GRID IN TRIMLESS 1 REO 203033-9 - Products - Delta Light

Delta Light Grid In Trimless Reo



If you see lights with slight differences in colour, it might be sign of low quality due to the manufacturer using cheap phosphor. Ideally, you want consistent colour temperature between each fixture. Colour rendering is also an important point to be considered. Cheap LED lights generally don’t have good CRI, which makes interior colours and artwork appear dull. Check out our blog about Colour Temperature. 



Have you heard the terms “damp rated” and “wet rated” before but not really sure what the difference is? The simple explanation is damp rated lights are for areas that have some contact with moisture, but not direct exposure to water. Wet rated lights are typically used in exterior applications, to protect the internal components from moisture. Damp rated lights are commonly used in bathrooms, and garages.

Liteine Slim 4 Shower Light



Here’s an overview of some of the commonly used downlight types. We can help you choose what works best for your space and your budget.


Here’s a note from Jennifer Cross, our Residential Director on selecting potlights:


So that’s the “crash course” overview on how to select downlights for your residential or commercial project. We know it can seem overwhelming but don’t forget the Flux team is always here to help answer any of your questions – send us an email anytime!


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