Ottawa, Ontario

Designed by: LineBox Studio Inc.

Riviera restaurant at 62 Sparks is the next site to contribute to Ottawa’s progressive restaurant scene. The design for the space will take visual cues from the existing heritage fabric while introducing a fresh approach to layout and spatial experience. Materials will be both contemporary and timeless, evoking feelings of familiarity and comfort in a space of grandeur. The design celebrates the existing building by using shifting scales to amplify features like the high ceilings while keeping its guests grounded in relaxed and approachable seating. The familiar banking elements will also take on new life as they are reprogrammed to take the users behind the scenes and celebrate the beauty of its original functionality.

The Vibia Wireflow with its many configurations is a sculptural luminaire that reinterpets and puts a completely new twist on the classical chandelier. Its elegant structure allows combinations of the enhanced black electrical wires and lacquered metal rods to create large, visually dynamic chandeliers and sculptural luminaires.

Photography by Archer Baldo.

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