Gatineau, Quebec

Designer: 4te inc.

Brookfield Renewable’s new headquarters for its North American operations comprise of five floors housing corporate staff, a fully-fledged trading floor and control centre.

The selected lighting types delineate the architectural elements that define the spatial boundaries between work areas, meeting rooms and transitionary zones.  Further refinement to the quality of the lighting was made to enhance the material selection and use of space. Open office areas have staggered linear lights orientated perpendicular and in harmony to the long axis of the building.  A layered drywall bulkhead provides the transition between the open area and the fully glazed meeting rooms, the seamless Moonline fixture from Flos lighting is placed in close proximity to glazing to emphasize the connection.  The Borderline fixture from Delta light frames the pure volume of the elevator lobby with a touchless connection between ceiling, floor and wall planes. In addition to lighting, a fully automated Lutron shading system has been utilized in all the open office areas to maintain the constant seamless look.

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