The spaces in which we work should be places where we thrive. Often, however, there are several factors that negatively impact our health and happiness. These factors include poor sound and light. Sound impacts us to a great extent, mostly subconsciously. Therefore, its influence on us is often neglected, and this despite evidence showing how sound affects our moods, well-being and even productivity, for better or for worse.

The same goes for light. Good lighting can help us perform better, prevent tiredness and headaches resulting in increased productivity and better overall well-being. Sound and light must therefore never be an afterthought. Source

Acoustic Fixture Rating:

Sound is energy and to stop this energy from propagating and reverberating, absorptive panels are used to convert this energy into heat through friction. The absorption coeffcient of a product will determine the level and quality of absorption. Absorption applies to fixed wall or ceiling elements. The Noise Reduction Coefficient (commonly abbreviated NRC) is a commonly used scalar representation of the amount of sound energy absorbed upon striking a particular surface.

An NRC of 0 indicates perfect reflection; an NRC of 1 indicates perfect absorption.


As the acoustic lighting trend grows, FLUX now has a variety of manufacturers offering solutions that combine effective lighting with high acoustic performance. Each line provides a variety of colours, finishes, shapes, and sizes – sure to have something to suit your project.



Luceplan has extensive experience in the creation of “all-in-one” solutions that combine high levels of technical lighting and sound-absorbing performance with great Italian design. A series of products that are true architectural parts capable of defining and personalizing any context. Lighting systems that combine solutions of decor and acoustic comfort for public and private settings, in creative approaches to the highest performance to match the beauty of design to the quality of light: tailor-made lighting that furnishes and customizes space, in a perfect balance of technology and design. Visit the Luceplan website to see more application photos.


BuzziSpace is relentless in its pursuit of bettering the world through design. It started with acoustics. From there, the mission grew. Driven by an unbounded passion for solving modern design challenges, BuzziSpace continuously reimagines furnishings to be more functional and more fun. They have delved into the world of acoustic lighting, and have a full catalog of multi-purpose solutions sure to have something to suit any space.

Focal Point

Earlier this year at LIGHTFAIR International in Chicago, Focal Point released their new acoustic lighting line. Focal Point Acoustic Solutions provide an optimal answer to the high noise levels and reverberation issues common to open, multi-purpose spaces.

The integrated systems simplify specification, sourcing and installation, and procure a unified look that enhances the architecture of each interior space. Not only are sound levels controlled, optimal illumination levels are achieved, increasing the comfort and well-being of those who inhabit the spaces.

  • Made of 100% polyester containing at least 40% of recycled plastic bottles (PET)
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.75
  • Class A firing rating and moisture resistant


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